Historic Downtown Tour

The walk starts on the waterfront at the Kennebec Chaudiere Heritage Trail welcome sign. The heritage corridor, which runs 230 miles from Quebec City to Popham Beach at the mouth of the Kennebec River, has been used by travelers and traders in North America for centuries.

The path loops north along the waterfront, across to Depot Square, along the Arcade parking lot and up to Water Street. It continues south along Water Street, up Church Street to City Hall and over to the Gardiner Public Library. From there, it crosses Water Street again to Steamboat Lane and back along the waterfront.

The path linking the 11 panels is marked by 85 blue sturgeon stenciled on walkways or streets where appropriate:


1.Start at Gardiner Landing: Kennebec Chaudiere International Corridor:   

2. Follow the trail north along the Kennebec River toward Cobbossee Stream: 12,00 Years on the Kennebec + The Kennebec Frontier 1604-1760

3. Continue along the path up to the Pump House Deck: Kennebec Bridges

4. Follow the Sturgeon out of the park. Make a right on Maine Ave. and a left after Harvey's Harware into the parking lot. Follow the Cobbossee upstream: Logging and Sawmills

5. After a break in the buildings, walk toward McKay Park: The Kennebec Floods

6. Walk up the steps of McKay Park to Water Street. Make a left and walk down Water Street, crossing the street before you arrive at the intersection of Church St. and Water St., where you will find: Historic Water Street

7. Turn right up Church Street and make a left into the City Hall parking lot: Gardinerston to Gardiner

8. Walk to the far end of the parking lot and make a left down the drive between the Gardiner Public Library and Camden National Bank. Turn right onto Water Street and walk past the Peg Shaw Memorial Garden: Poets and Musicians

9. Continue past the parking lots and make a left down Steamboat Lane, a pedestrian underpass to the waterfront: Steamboats on the Kennebec

10. At the end of Steamboat lane, turn right for 100 feet and then left across the parking lot toward the water: River Transportation + The Ice Industry

11. Walk over to the boardwalk and look out over the Kennebec River; if it's the summer season, you can expect to see a Sturgeon leap from the water - or a resounding splash if you just missed it! Bald Eagles often fly overhead. Take a moment to reflect on the rich history of Gardiner and the Kennebec River!